Blazer5 Clinch #1 Seed and Win 14th Game in a row

Blazer5 Gaming (14-1) took out Mavs Gaming (11-4) 73-58 in a battle between the top two teams in the regular season on Friday during Week 10 of the NBA 2K League.

All season long, the matchup between the two juggernauts loomed as the Mavs and Blazer5 ruled from the top of the standings. Recently, the Mavs have finally started taking on losses, dropping two straight games, but with all the hype around this match, the Mavs were definitely preparing for this match for a while now.

The Mavs made a critical error in their preparation, though; not having a plan to deal with the reigning MVP and Defensive Player of the Year, OneWildWalnut. Walnut dominated the paint against rookie of the year candidate PeteBeBallin, putting up a monster statline of 26 points, 11 rebounds for the double-double, three steals and a block. Mama Im Dat Man continued to show why he’s a favorite to win MVP, scoring 21 points and picking up 15 assists, mostly in the pick-and-roll with OneWildWalnut, along with two steals. Lavishphenom had himself his usual defensive masterwork, 13 points going nicely with his seven steals, and the rest of the team helped keep Dimez in check all night long. Though the first half was close, the way Blazer5 pulled away and began getting in the Mavs’ heads should be scary for Warriors Gaming, who is now locked into a first-round playoff match against the first-seeded B5.