Blazer5 Gaming Acquires MaJes7ic in Trade with HEAT Check Gaming

PORTLAND, Ore. (October 21, 2019) – Blazer5 Gaming today has announced a trade with HEAT Check Gaming to acquire Stanley (MaJes7ic) Lebron. Miami will receive Blazer5 Gaming’s first-round pick (19th overall) in the upcoming 2020 NBA 2K League Draft.

MaJes7ic averaged 10.3 points per game during season two of the NBA 2K League, plus 3.5 rebounds, 2.3 assists and 1.8 steals. The Brooklyn, New York native joins the top performing regular season team over the first two seasons of the NBA 2K League, coming off two consecutive #1 seeds in the playoffs. HEAT Check were runners-up in the inaugural 2K League season, falling to champion Knicks Gaming in the finals.

“We’re excited to welcome Majestic to Portland,” said Esports Operations Manager Cameron McAlees. “From his existing chemistry with our players to his gameplay, he’ll be a great addition to our team’s already strong core.”

Portland previously retained three players during the offseason: season one Most Valuable Player and Defensive Player of the Year OneWildWalnut, season 2 MVP Mama Im Dat Man, and small forward LavishPhenom.

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