Blazer5 Gaming and Oregon National Guard have partnered to bring you Leader of the Month – Brandon Bostwick

Brandon Bostwick

Leader of the Month – Brandon Bostwick

Brandon is a 22-year-old Combat Medic in the Oregon Guard. He enjoys everything active, whether that be playing soccer, basketball, hiking or just being outside. Brandon loves to play soccer more than anything and he plays with a team in Vancouver, WA with his longtime friends in Clackamas, OR.

Brandon played sports all throughout high school and went out of his way to be a leader and role model for his classmates. In high school, his go-to sports were running cross country, soccer, track, and pick-up basketball. No matter what game, being a part of the team is a wonderful feeling to him. When he’s not out playing sports, he enjoys taking time to relax with friends and playing video games.

Brandon is a part-time Soldier in the Oregon Army National Guard. He loves that he is always challenged to stay active and fit to perform at the top of his level.

As a Combat Medic in the Oregon Guard, Brandon took the opportunity to work in the Providence emergency room as an emergency room technician, where he provides care and compassion for those in the facility.

Nominated by SGT Jacob Stansburry

What is Leader of the Month?

The Oregon National Guard and Blazer5 Gaming have teamed up to highlight young leaders in the community and celebrate their stories. Each month, the Oregon National Guard will nominate 1-2 young leaders that are working to shape their community – National Guard soldiers and civilians – all working together to lead the way into the future.