Blazer5 Gaming clinched a 2K League Playoff in THE TURN tournament, placing fourth for the NBA 2K League Playoffs by Google Pixel. Harby and Claude made their debut in the NBA 2K League Playoffs against Pistons GT for the final series of the season.

Blazer5 Gaming faced off against Pistons GT in round one of the NBA 2K League Playoffs Wednesday, August 2. Pistons GT started strong grabbing the 19-13 lead over Blazer5 in Q1.

Blazer5 trailed by 10 after Q2 with a 21-17 quarter in favor of Pistons GT. Blazer5 had a stronger Q3 bringing the score total closer in Q3 with an 18-16 score in favor of Pistons GT. In the final frame, Blazer5 was still down 12 headed into Q4. Blazer5 made a solid effort in Q4, boasting 29 points to Pistons GT 24. The comeback attempt was not enough to overcome the deficit, and Blazer5 lost game one 82-75.Harby was the leading scorer of the game with 20 points and 6 assists.

In game two, Blazer5 fell behind in Q1 19 -14 to Pistons GT. Similar to game one, Pistons GT went on to win Q2 (23-18) and Q3 (26-13). This built a massive lead for Pistons GT and one for Blazer5 to overcome. Blazer5 again made a solid effort to make a comeback in Q4 winning the quarter 26-23. The effort, unfortunately, was not enough as Blazer5 lost the game and series to Pistons GT.

Harby and Claude led Blazer5 in scoring performances to conclude game two, Claude with 26 points and 5 assists and Harby with 23 points, 4 assists, and 3 steals in the final game of the season.

Blazer5 finished the season strong with great success. Predicted to be the worst performing in the league, Blazer5’s accomplishments this season from winning The STEAL tournament to placing fourth in the playoffs, have earned them recognition from the league moving forward to Season 7.