April 17, 2023 -Last week saw Blazer5 take on three days of gaming as they played Pistons GT, Heat Check Gaming, Hawks Talon GC, and Mavs Gaming in six games and twenty-five matches. B5 made a last-minute roster switch as rookie, Harby was swapped out to give fellow rookie, Claude a taste of the 3v3 action alongside Jomar and KayAus.

To tip off the series of games, B5 faced Pistons GT and Heat Check Gaming for the first time this season. Their game against Pistons GT resulted in close matches but an ultimate loss for B5 with a 0-3 result. B5 quickly transformed their gameplay to take on Heat Check Gaming seeing a battle of five matches that left B5 victorious with a 3-2 result.

The recent win ignited B5, as they entered a shot at redemption against Hawks Talon GC and another opportunity for a win against Heat Check Gaming on April 13. B5’s prior game against Hawks Talon GC saw the team fall short with three losses and one win leaving B5 hungry to prevail. B5 started strong in the game, winning the first two matches, falling in the third, and emerging victorious in the fourth game leading to an overall win against Hawks Talon GC. Having conquered their former foe, B5 earned another win against Heat Check Gaming. B5’s stellar performance earned them league recognition as they were named the Most Satisfying Performance of the Night.

Carrying momentum into the final games of the week B5 battled it out against Pistons GT and Mavs Gaming. Chal- lenged by Pistons GT, B5 held their own in a series of close matches but ultimately lost 0-3. Closing out THE SWITCH open play, B5 faced Mavs Gaming for the first time this season which saw a series of five matches where B5 fell 2-3.

This week marks the start of bracket play for THE SWITCH where B5 will play Magic Gaming at 7:00 p.m. PT on Tuesday, April 18. B5 played Magic Gaming as their season opener in THE SLAM which resulted in a loss for B5 then followed by their March 16 game that saw B5 beat Magic Gaming 3-0.