Blazer5 Gaming and Oregon National Guard have partnered to bring you Leader of the Month – Andy Espinoza

Andy Espinoza

Learn how Andy is shaping his community

Andy is a young adult that lives for basketball and enjoys igniting the love of the sport in others. Andy’s favorite hobby is to play in every tournament he can find, including ones in Idaho, Washington and California. As a walk on at Chemeketa Community college, Andy earned a scholarship to play on the men’s basketball team. Andy is also a basketball trainer at the local training facility named The Practice Facility. As a young entrepreneur, Andy is developing his start-up business called Be A Guard Training. His dream is to play basketball professionally and teach the youth how to play through one-on-one consultations.

Andy has a passion for leading the youth to success through their shared love of basketball.

“I struggled in high school to find my passion. As I graduated, I was reunited with basketball. I began to train daily to stay out of trouble and have a purpose. As I continued to develop my skills, I grew interest in training and started a career in training youth players. I was hired as a trainer at a basketball facility and began to practice with college and pro level players. I am eager to continue honing my craft and building up those around me.”