Blazer5 Gaming and Oregon National Guard have partnered to bring you Leader of the Month – Kira Luarca

Kira Luarca

Leader of the Month – Kira Luarca

SGT Kira Luarca works full-time as a 15P in the Oregon Army National Guard. As an Aviation Operations Specialist (15P), she is responsible for scheduling and dispatching tactical aircraft missions and making one of the largest fleets of aircraft in the world run safely and efficiently. She also coordinates flight plans, maintains flight logs, and alerts crash crews of emergencies. Her flight team aids with water buckets (Bambi Bucket) during wildfire season and search and rescue missions at Mt. Hood.

Kira originally joined the guard as she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after high school and wasn’t set on college but knew the Guard would pay for her education. She’s been in the Guard for over 5 years now and recommends researching all of the benefits the Guard has to offer, as she is still learning about the new programs the Guard has to offer.

SGT Kira Luarca was nominated by Melissa Chet.

What is Leader of the Month?

The Oregon National Guard and Blazer5 Gaming have teamed up to highlight young leaders in the community and celebrate their stories. Each month, the Oregon National Guard will nominate 1-2 young leaders that are working to shape their community – National Guard soldiers and civilians – all working together to lead the way into the future.