Blazer5 Gaming and Oregon National Guard have partnered to bring you Leader of the Month – Wyatt Walls

Wyatt Walls

Leader of the Month – Wyatt Walls

Wyatt is an Oregon Army National Guard Soldier, who used his 100% tuition assistance to earn his degree in computer aided design & drafting. He used this degree to open up his own small business called “Walls Custom Woodworking LLC” where he specializes in building and installing cabinets. Wyatt has a love for Mixed Martial Arts and has taken the time to learn Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. Wyatt is committed to challenging himself and his drive and dedication to continually improving is what makes him a leader in his community. He encourages people to step out of their comfort zone and try to be a part of every competition and learning experience that presents itself.

His favorite video game is Fallout: New Vegas and if he were a professional gamer, his game tag would be “Brickwalls.”

What is Leader of the Month?

The Oregon National Guard and Blazer5 Gaming have teamed up to highlight young leaders in the community and celebrate their stories. Each month, the Oregon National Guard will nominate 1-2 young leaders that are working to shape their community – National Guard soldiers and civilians – all working together to lead the way into the future.